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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Getting Back on Track

This week is my firs week after a well deserved two week Christmas break. I didn't work out, apart from the occasional walk. Barely ate fruit or veggies apart at dinner time (if cooked or served) and maybe an apple and banana here and there. But the worst part: I barely did any studying.

The first three days of my vacation, were a well needed break of studying and after Christmas I thought I could jump right back on board. I did some reading, however, not sufficiently to actually feel productive over my break and that I actually accomplished something. Not a good feeling.

So this Monday I joined a study group through Skype. I talked with people from Canada, India, Zimbabwe and Thailand (which is a Dutch guy!). It was really helpful to talk with them and discuss Accounting and ask question. Had a nice time while doing so as well! These guys motivated me to work even harder and I scheduled the next 'meeting' this Thursday to discuss Management. A big hooray for my fellow students! Couldn't do it without them.

Together with work, gym time started as well. And I feel sore!! But it feels so good and energizing! I need exercise in my life to keep healthy and to get an even stronger and toned body. But now I started University I feel that I need it to study better too. Not just for a clear mind, but to remember better.

This Saturday I bought lots of fruit and ingredients to cook for myself again. I really don't want to get the famous post-holidays cold/flu so I'm sure to eat my vitamins and have a multivitamin a day as well.

Good luck with getting back on track! Here my posts from last year for: Getting Back to the Grind and First Day Back to Work.

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