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Monday, January 5, 2015

Favorite Moments of 2014

Hope everyone had a Great Christmas and New Years! I had a two week Christmas break and it was filled with great people, laughter, Christmas movies, presents and lots of great food. You can check my Instagram and follow along! Today is the first day back to work. Yikes!

As this year has just begun, I wanted to sit back and reflect to my favorite moments of 2014. This year went by so fast and so much has happened. It's weird to think that something happened was just a few months ago.

2014 was the year of feeling the most intense love I ever had to feeling left alone and naked in the cold.
After being miserable for a while I slowly climbed up to be happily single and truly content with myself and my life. And just like that, love hit me in the face again and it couldn't have come more unexpectedly. It feels great and was perfect way to end this year with this feeling.

In March I made a trip with the (then) guy which was so special en memorable. The place was beautiful. I hope he knows how special I felt throughout the trip and that I'll never forget the experience/trip.

Because of my break up I needed my friends more than ever. Calling them up while crying or just talking over things with a bottle of wine on my couch or at a wine bar. In November I wrote that I'm grateful for my best friend who stood (and stands) by me through my darkest hours.

More toned and strong. Since June 2013 I'm going to the gym in my office's building because colleague convinced me. Now I'm going four times a week to the gym and I love the feeling I have after the workout. I can run harder and longer and lift heavier weights.

2014 was a great year for my studies! I graduated for Communications and without barely any break I started with Bachelor of Business Administration.

Loved doing all the fashion shoots we did for Dashingly Elevating! Have so many beautiful pictures now and loved that inspired others with my outfits!


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