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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DE at home: My Study Room/Home Office

I thought I'd share my study room on here because I spend so much time there. The room got a whole makeover in October when I started studying at Royal Holloway, University of London. I wanted a space I felt good in as I knew I would a lot of time there. It's a light white room as all of the rooms are in my apartment. The same color walls and a white desk and two huge white book cases.
As I'm a visual learner, the wall is partially (the ceilings are very high in my apartment which makes everything airy and roomy) covered with a monthly calendar, seminar & assignments due dates, a notice board I got from Lindsey for vacation cards and quick notes and inspirational quotes and a picture of the founder's building of Royal Holloway.
My daily planner for study activities.

I've little things on my desk and I've kept only the essentials apart from the little plant. I wanted something lively there.

My bookcase! There's still so much space left for the coming years and for one of my biggest hobbies: reading!

This year's study books + other books I currently need.



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