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Friday, December 19, 2014

Signing Off

Today (Friday) is my last day of work before I'm going to enjoy a well deserved two week Christmas holiday break! Woo! Won't work until next year! ;-)

Before I can sit back and relax, I have to know I leave my desk and work behind with a good feeling. Here are some tips how to sign off without having the feeling you've missed something.

  • Try to finish as much as you can. I hate leaving work behind when I'm going on holiday, let alone for two weeks.
  • But relax. Try to finish the things that cannot wait until early next year. You don't want to work until 8 PM on Christmas eve and have stress on Christmas morning. Make a list and check it twice for the things that can wait or not.
  • Let people know you will be out of the office. Not everyone takes off that many days and might assume an e-mail in their box the day right after Christmas. Tell your coworkers as well as your clients/vendors who you're dealing with at the moment.
  • Discuss with your team leader & manager if you should be available during the holidays, and how much. Phone? E-mail? Just checking in a few times per day/week? This prevents surprises from both sides.
  • Put on your automatic e-mail. Last year I went on summer holidays and I remembered that I forgot to turn on my out-of-office. So, on a Sunday night, 11 PM I went to the office to climb behind my computer. You don't want that, hence this little reminder. ;-)
  • Wish everyone nice holidays. Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New year! Nothing feels better when you walk out of the office than to know you gave everyone best wishes. This is also one of the things that comes to your mind the next morning... 
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