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Friday, November 28, 2014

White And Black Zigzag Dress

This dress came a long, long way. Four weeks ago I was out at a party with a colleague when I saw a woman wearing this dress. I walked to her complimenting on her dress and asking where it was from. She said it was from Steps, a Dutch women's clothing brand. So the next day I looked on the website, but it was sold out. Also in the store! I found another website that sold the dress, but my size was sold out! Four weeks went by and almost every day I visited the website to see if someone has returned this item in my size.
Until a few days ago. It was 7 AM, still in bed and ta daa: the size was there! Of course I placed the order even before I brushed my teeth.

I have received so many compliments and it's such a comfortable, warm fall/winter dress, perfect for the office!

Moral of the story? Never let go of something you really want and keep fighting for it! Lol!! ;-)


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