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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cozy Fall Date Ideas

Isn't walking through a park on a Sunday afternoon in the fall romantic? The beautiful colors of the trees and warm sunbeams make it hard not to love fall.
Here are some cozy fall date ideas:
  • apple picking: you're outside enjoying nature and after sip some cider to warm up.
  • visit a farmer's market: fall produce is some of my favorite. Great to try out new products and help out local farmers.
  • go on a wine tasting: you're learning something new, while having a good time together.
  • have a stroll on a flea market: you don't even have to buy something to have fun. But I especially love the antique markets, you can find so many beautiful things!
  • find a fire place: if you don't own a big fire place, try to find a restaurant or bar which have one where you can cozy up together.
  • have a game night: either together or with another couple.
  • go on a bike ride: if you're up to something more sportive, try a bike ride. Maybe choose a path along the water or in the park. And bring lunch for a picnic!
  • go on a horseback ride: if you're opting for something not only sportive but also adventurous, try horseback riding! I haven't done it for years but want to do it again!
  • try a new recipe: whether it's home-made soup (my brown bean soup is SO good!) or make an apple cider, it's about working together in the kitchen while staying warm. 

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