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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My 26th Birthday

Monday was my 26th birthday and it was a beautiful, sunny, mellow day filled with loved ones.

We started the day by going to Elysium spa, which is a half hour drive. It was such a warm day, 17 degrees C!

Because of this we could lay in our bathrobes outside in the sun. On a bed or swing. ;-) The bubble baths and jacuzzi were great outside but my favorite bath outside was the super salty one, where you could easily float and take a nap in the water. ;-)

I've been there one time before and it's by far my favorite spa of all the ones I've been in the Netherlands. So many baths and saunas!
We had a lunch of over an hour because we talked so much and had prosecco. It was perfect and relaxing!

When we got home my dad, stepmom and dog were there for cake and presents!

For dinner my friend Lindsey came over for lots of tapas, wine, talking and laughing. She bought me an amazing gift!

Tuesday at work a few colleagues took me out for cupcakes and tea. So sweet and they were so good!After lunch break my colleagues from my department really surprised me with some gifts. It felt it was my actual birthday!

Pictures via my instagram

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