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Monday, October 20, 2014

An Announcement...

I've got an announcement to make...

I've started to study again!! Over summer I got my Communication Degree and I knew for quite some time that I wanted something more. Now I've started distance BSc Business Administration at The School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London.

I started earlier this month and if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might noticed I was studying again. In the above picture I started with topic 1 of Accounting for Management and I've to study from two books at once. We also received a Guide Book and Note Book for each course.
The courses of Foundation level I all follow this year: 
  • Management and the modern corporation
  • Accounting for management
  • Business analysis and decision making
  • Business statistics
  • Business study skills and methods
  • Management and communication skills 
College years are behind me from quite some time, but I've done studying besides work before. Also the Communication Degree was distance learning. However, the last time I studied several courses (let alone 6) at once has been years.
At first I was a little scared to study fully in English. But because I use English at work, in my spare time and on my blog, I noticed very soon the language is not a problem. Accounting, however, might be. Haha ;-) I've got already 4 (!) people to help me with Accounting or anything quantitative related.

The course material as the paper based exams are the same that are held for the full time students. We have an online learning community where we can contact the tutors and students. I've already met some fellow students across the world and even some here in Rotterdam and Amsterdam who I'll probably meet for study group!
I added an extra tab on my blog 'Study'. I'll write about my experience as a distance student along the way and I hope it might help/inspire other distance students as well as college students!
This feels like a whole new beginning for me. Like a new chapter starts. And I'm so excited!

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