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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy September! + An Update

Happy September! I must admit, I'm kind of excited for the coming months. I love fall! A lot of things are scheduled and for me, also some changes.

Yesterday, September 1st while my American readers had a day off, was the first day back to school in our area. It was so cute to see all of these kids with their little bikes, backpacks, lunch boxes and new outfits.

While I'm not in school since years, I do see September/fall as a new beginning. I felt the itch for a change for a while now. For me this expressed as an updated wardrobe (you'll see on the blog soon!), a new Daniel Wellington watch (fell in love) and maybe my biggest physical change: shorter hair and a darker color! I received so many compliments from colleagues, friends and family and I'll never go that blond again! I still have to get used to what I see in the mirror, but I think I look so much better too. ;-)

Last week was such a fun end of the month. It was filled with laughter at work (and even gifts from colleagues, just because!), an unplanned visit from a friend during the week, lots online shopping sprees (as mentioned above), new hairdo and a super fun Saturday night out with cocktails and dancing.

I've already so many fun things planned for this coming month and even more changes! Can't wait what this month/fall holds for me. But for now, summer has returned to the Netherlands which means no more rain and again skirts with bare legs! Yay!

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