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Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Relaxing Weeknight

The past few weeks have been busy and tiring for me. Busy at work, personal life and stressing about a new study. When I'm stressed, my body lets me know I am. I'll get a little acne, have circles under my eyes or I'm super tired all the time. The latter got to me in the past weeks. I haven't been able to sleep well because I was making list in my head, overthinking things or had nightmares where I woke up from. Even though I'm going to bed earlier and try to relax during the weekend, it just doesn't work.

Now something new from my body has occurred. For two weeks now I have a 'twitching' left eye. Super annoying! But luckily it doesn't show from the outside. I looked twitching left eye up on the internet and besides all superstition, it said that it's mostly caused by lack of sleep and stress. Jeez, tell me something new!

So yesterday I came home from work and promised myself a relaxing night. No studying, no any 'musts'. A friend visited early last night for some laughing and catching up. Later I sat on my couch with a blanket and an episode of Scandal. I went to bed early and read some chapters of my book.

It was a truly relaxing weekday night. The twitching isn't over yet, but, this is a good wake up call for me that I should do more relaxing. Even if it's just for a few hours on a weekday.

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