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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

To Find a Mentor

I'm currently reading "Lean In" from Sheryl Sandberg since a few days now and I just finished chapter 6. I have to say, I'm already very fund of this book. Sheryl shares her personal stories of work, college, private life and coworkers and friends to guide you through her book and give you advise about work (and life in general).
I love how it's written, more as a story then a step-by-step program which is not really my thing. And it's even making me laugh out loud sometimes!

In chapter 5 'Are You My Mentor?' she describes that you don't ask someone to be your mentor, but that a mentor rather crosses your path or that he/she offers him/herself to help you for advise or guidance.
While thinking about this I thought, "this is how I found my mentors as well". A few months ago a colleague turned to me and said: "if you ever have questions, you can turn to me and I'll take a look at it or I can help you explain". It made me feel so good and gave me a comfortable feeling that I could always go to that person for help.

A few days ago I had a let's say 'not so good day' at work to say the least. After work hours I turned to a colleague and we sat down and had a big chat. It was just a low key chat because that person once said to me: "If you ever feel like talking, you can always come to me". And after that last conversation and thinking back of the chapter I read earlier it hit me, this person is also my mentor!~

I makes me feel much better and reassuring that I currently have -at least- two mentors I can turn to for advise. To find a mentor, you should think out of the box. Maybe it won't be the person you think of, but the person who is sitting next from you, from another department or even another company. If you're seeking for a mentor, try 'not to look'. Sometimes -like me- you just stop and realize: "Hey, that's my mentor!". And they might not even know for themselves.

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