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Friday, August 15, 2014

A Summer Day In Amsterdam

On Wednesday I went to Amsterdam for a day to spent some time with my mom in this beautiful city. It was (despite the forecast) a gorgeous summer day. Needed ice cream to cool off. See how quickly it melts! ;-)
Went to visit my favorite bookstore 'The American Book Center' and scrolled down many American books and got ideas for what to read next!
Before dinner, mom and I had some prosecco on a terrace in the sun.

We ended up at an Brazilian restaurant and had nice fish and meat. After dinner we got another massage at a place we went to before. Even though I had a massage on Tuesday too, I felt I needed one for my back and neck again. It felt great.
Amsterdam was full of tourists and I even got to talk to some Italian tourists and an American. My friends and I joke that there're more tourists in Amsterdam than real 'Amsterdammers'. ;-)

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