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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I haven't blogged for such a long time and I can't really tell why. I was so busy with studying for my exam, that in all of my free time after work and in weekends I climbed into my books and study notes.
Especially the weekend of Pentecost I was studying on my balcony the whole weekend and I took some days off of work as well. I did got a tan though!
Last Wednesday I had the exam. It basically took the whole day and I have mixed feelings about it. It will take another 8 (!) weeks before I'll know the results...

Last Friday I had something personal to celebrate... I celebrated it with home made cosmo's! Wonder about the orange t-shirt?

After the cocktails at my place we headed to a bar where we watched the first soccer game of this World Cup!! No one thought we would stand a chance against them (four years ago Spain won from us and the Netherlands became second), but they blew our minds by winning 5-1 from the current World Cup holders. Yes, we won from Spain! Talk about revenge right?

Afterwards we met some friends and celebrated our victory through the night. I must say, this was the perfect Friday 13th!!

Saturday I went out for dinner and Sunday I enjoyed a first Sunday of non studying since forever!

And Sunday I posted this picture on Instagram for Father's Day! You can follow me along on Instagram and Twitter when I'm not that active here...


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