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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Workout Therapy

I go to the gym four times a week. And it's not really hard to go because the gym is in the same building as my work. So when I'm on lunch break, I take the elevator down and go to the hotel gym. For me, this routine turned into a habit which I now must do. Whether I'm annoyed from something from work, have a headache, or there's something going on in my private life, -it always works.

I started going after work, because I didn't want to take a quick shower and then reapply my make-up and I worried I didn't look good after. But then I would come home rather late and worse, super hungry. Undoing all the good work by snacking around before I had my dinner.
Bonus: it saves time and money because I won't go shopping during lunch hour.

When my head is loaded and it feels like it's about to over flood, I love to go on the treadmill and just run my legs out. A few weeks ago I started with 240 calories per 20 minutes, I'm now already to 320 calories per 20 minutes because I would increase speed and incline.
Bonus: it relaxed and burns calories

And sometimes, I really need it just to feel better. When something is just off in my privet live, working out makes me forget and clears my mind to think straight. I love to lift weights and feel the burnnn! It just takes my mind off of things and I say to myself: you can do it! Ha! You have to cheer to yourself, right?
Bonus: from working out you get endorphin and that makes you happy. I always leave the gym with a fulfilled feeling and much happier!

Since a few weeks I also take the bike to work. It's only 8 minutes for one way, but the day starts better with some fresh air and exercise. After work it's great to release some of my energy.
Bonus: fresh air

And on Monday I go to ballet class as well! I consider this just for fun, even though I use every muscle in my body!
Bonus: fun and a whole hour thinking on nothing more than ballet...

Do you like to work out?

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