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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One of Those Weeks

I did not have a great week last week to say the least. Just a lot going on in my life and especially my head. Overthinking stuff and not hearing stuff that makes me sad on top off it.
Luckily one big thing is sorted out and that makes me a lot happier.

I took an unplanned break from blogging, but I guess I really needed that. I did do a lot of after work studying which I feel really good about.

Last Sunday I think it got all a bit to much and it has taken on my body. I got sick. My head, my stomach, my throat. Ouch. I stayed at home Monday, which I rarely ever do.

Now only a few days of work -lots to do- and then a 4 day weekend. Yay! Easter celebration with my family!

It was really one of those weeks, but luckily, better times are coming up.

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