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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

25 Tips For Using AP Style

As a big fan of the AP stylebook, (as a blogger, you can't life without), I found this article with 25 spring related tips:

1. alma mater 2. alumnus, alumni, alumna, alumnae: Use alumnus (alumni in the plural) when referring to a man who has attended a school. Use alumna (alumnae) when referring to a woman who has attended a school. Use alumni when referring to a group of men and women.
3. April Fool’s Day: Correct style of the April 1 event—no joke.
4. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science: A bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s is acceptable in any reference.
5. bazaar, bizarre: Bazaar is a fair; bizarre means unusual.
6. bride, bridegroom, bridesmaid: Bride is appropriate in wedding stories, but use wife or spouse in other circumstances.
7. clean up (verb); cleanup (noun and adjective): We clean up the yard after winter. I hit cleanup in tonight’s game.
8. daylight saving time: Not savings, and no hyphen.
9. dean’s list: Lowercase in all uses. He is a dean’s list student. She made the spring dean’s list.
10. Easter egg: A hidden “surprise” in a program, a website, a DVD or a TV show such as an extra level of a computer game or a message.
11. ERA: Acceptable in all references for baseball’s earned run average.
12. Good Friday: The Friday before Easter.
13. hit and run (verb); hit-and-run (noun; adjective): The coach told him to hit and run. He scored on a hit-and-run.
14. Holy Week: The week before Easter.
15. horse races: Capitalize their formal names: Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes, etc.
16. knuckleball
17. Little League, Little League Baseball
18. May Day; mayday: May Day is May 1; mayday is the international distress signal meaning “help me.”
19. Memorial Day: The federal legal holiday is the last Monday in May.
20. seasons: Lowercase in all references. Her favorite season is spring. In spring 2011, the company will launch its new product.
21. springtime
22. temperatures: Use figures for all numbers except zero. It’s going to be 60 degrees today. Wednesday will see temperatures in the 70s (no apostrophe).
23. T-shirt
24. Twelve Apostles: Not 12 Apostles.
25. waitlist (noun); wait-list (verb): Providence College put me on the waitlist. She is wait-listed at Harvard University.
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Author: Steve Vittorioso



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