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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Writing Tips From NYC PR Girls

Whether you work in Communications of PR, are still a student or just write a lot for work, good writing skills is essential. I'm a huge nyc PR girls fan and here are their top writing tips:

Understand writing is really rewriting – My father used to tell me this every. single. day. Give yourself enough time to produce your best work, which is going to mean going through several drafts before you give anything to a professor or supervisor. Usually, I like to start by writing my stream of consciousness (aka gibberish), then clean it up from there.

Do your own research on writing format – If you’re just starting out and not sure what a press release should look, like – use Google to find a recent release from a brand you respect. Truthfully, press releases change based on the client or brand, but Google is a good place to start.

The AP Stylebook is your friend - When I first started PR, I was so against AP Stylebook. I could feel it shaming me from the bookshelf so much, I would throw it in a desk drawer just so I didn’t have to look at it. Truth is, having a handle on grammar is your BEST tool. If you don’t know your stuff, it shows. And those who have the AP Style down will be given the best writing assignments. Just a fact of life.

Don’t be scared to use your voice and show some personality – That’s what writing is about. Make it juicy, funny, romantic, trippy – whatever is YOU. If you’re writing on behalf of a brand, look at brand materials and the website to get a feel on words used frequently in relation to the brand personality. Give it to a friend or peer to read once, and see if you got it right. Usually, it will take a couple assignments before you get it.

Practice – The blog is a great tool for A and I to practice writing, but I also look to my superiors to teach me something new with every item I draft. NEVER JUST ACCEPT CHANGES IN A DOCUMENT. Walk through edits so you can take them as little gifts for your next assignment.

Article by Meg from nyc PR girls
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