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Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Motivate Yourself

A couple of days ago I was talking with someone about motivating yourself and how much harder that is than that someone else motivates your.
Whether it's for your studies, work or the gym. Here are a few things that help me motivate myself:

  • Picture yourself in the (near) future: this is my biggest motivation. Dreaming of how happy I (and my parents) will be when I've graduated. Or thinking of how great I'll feel after I went to the gym.
  • Pep talk yourself: "I'm going to kill this Monday!" "I'll ace this test tomorrow" or: "I'll do great on this assignment and I'll show everyone what I'm capable of" and: "I can run 5K today under 30 mins because I trained so much and feel good!" It's all about the positive words and the vibe of how you say it.
  • Award yourself: I already know which bag I'm going to buy myself when I'll graduate from Communications. Waiting to buy that bag motivates me to study extra hard and it will have so much more meaning to it.
  • When you want to quit, remember why you started. I love this quote! Just think from the beginning. Did you already do all this work to quit??
  • Save money: Ok, I already save a fair amount of money every month, but how about to put a jar on the table, labeled with your goal. For example, 5 euro for every kilo you've lost. Or 20 euro for every test you aced for your spring break trip.
  • Dress up: When I dress up for work I just feel extra motivated. Just like when I wear cute work out clothes to the gym, makes me want to go even more. Wear what works for you!
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