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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ban Bossy

Sheryl Sandberg of leanin.org and the book, COO of Facebook and Anna Maria Chávez, CEO of Girl Scout of the USA launched a new campaign called "Ban Bossy".
They started this campaign to ban the word "bossy" so that young girls won't stop pursuing leadership roles.

From their Wall Street Journal article:
"Although the two of us come from different backgrounds, we both heard the same put-down. Call it the other B-word. Whether it is said directly or implied, girls get the message: Don't be bossy. Don't raise your hand too much. Keep your voice down. Don't lead."

"How are we supposed to level the playing field for girls and women if we discourage the very traits that get them there?"

"And "bossy" is just the beginning. As girls mature, the words may change, but their meaning and impact remain the same. Women who behave assertively are labeled "aggressive," "angry," "shrill" and "overly ambitious." Powerful and successful men are often well liked, but when women become powerful and successful, all of us—both men and women—tend to like them less."

"It's time to end the gendered speech that discourages girls from an early age. So the next time you hear a girl called "bossy," do what CBS anchor Norah O'Donnell advised: Smile, take a deep breath and say, "That girl's not bossy. She has executive leadership skills.""

Go to BanBossy.com and see what you can do as a girl, parent, teacher, manager or troop leader and sign the pledge!


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