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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

About Receiving Compliments

I'm an online Communication student and I hope to graduate in June. Studying online without going to class and actually seeing you teachers requires a lot of discipline.  Each Sunday I read a whole new chapter of the book and I try to start to make some of the questions. During the week after I come home from work I make questions and write communication plans or work with cases. Those open questions are homework and it will automatically be sent to a teacher who will grade you.
Last Monday I received an e-mail that my homework was reviewed. Before I clicked on my link I thought to myself: "I probably didn't get a good grade, I don't have a good feeling about it." But then: Boom! 10/10! A 10 out of ten with the comment: "Perfect, nothing to add here!" Yay, I felt over the moon! With this I felt even more motivated to study hard!

Later that night I went to ballet class which is a really fun class with a great teacher and sweet students. Sometimes it's hard for me to come home from work, eat something quick and then leave for ballet class again. Some Mondays I just want to stay home and not to go out in the cold again.

But when we're done and we nail a new move, or perfect an older one, it's great to hear a compliment from the teacher and hear the enthusiasm from the class. How could I even doubt myself for not coming?

Same goes for work. Days can/will be stressful all the time. But when I have a finished product in my hands I feel good about myself. And think to myself: "You did a good today!" It's even better when the hard work is recognized by one of my superiors and that they're happy with your work and that they pay you a compliment or give you a pat on your back.

A not so good day can instantly turn into a great one, just by receiving a compliment and I also gives so much more motivation for what you're doing!

How about complimenting someone today? You might let them sparkle!

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