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Thursday, February 27, 2014

What NOT To Do During A Meeting

Meetings can be interesting, helpful, long and boring or short and sweet. Here are some things NOT to do during your next meeting:

  • Drink all the water/coffee and not refill it. I always keep my own bottle of water. So no sharing a can for me.
  • Not taking notes. Or have at least pen and paper in front of you. You won't look engaged or look like you want to learn anything.
  • Eat breakfast. Or eat anything at all during a meeting. You won't look interested or engaged. We don't want to wait until your mouth is empty before you can talk and we really don't watch (or hear) you chew. Of course, when lunch or dinner is involved, this does not apply. But anyway, swallow before you speak.
  • Chew chewing gum. Read above.
  • Keep on talking, while you're not the person holding the meeting. OK, meetings is about being engaged, but make sure the person holding the meeting is actually saying more than you are.
  • Being quiet. When everyone is sharing ideas and you're just staring at your empty page, it won't be unnoticed. Please remember, there're no bad ideas, we're all there for learning.
  • Constantly looking/typing at your mobile/laptop. If it can wait for an hour, leave it. You're distracting and irritating others.
  • Not asking any questions. Now is the time. Don't be shy, ask your question!
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