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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Interview to Read: The Overlooked Aspects of Success

When I was on LinkedIn this weekend, I came across this interview and I thought to share it on my blog. Carley Roney from The Knot talks about how she combines her career and personal life, how to define your own brand and to cheer on other women at work.

"LinkedIn: What is the single most necessary ingredient for success?
Roney: I think the single most important ingredient for success is actually being smart about what you’re doing. You don’t have to know it because you experienced it; you have to know it because you’ve done everything you can to research it.
I also think instinct is really important — being able to hear your own instincts and to trust your gut. If you have it, anything is possible.

LinkedIn: What needs to change for women in the workplace?
Roney: We all need to be each other’s publicists in the workplace because women tend to be a little bit more quiet about their achievements. That not only helps celebrate how amazing us professional women are but it gives people some sort of power to help grow their careers."

I think that Carley Roney has so much energy and I really enjoyed watching and reading about her.

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