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Monday, February 17, 2014

Celebrate Everyday Moments

For me, this winter never seems to end. Ok, the days are getting longer again and temperature wise, we in the Netherlands could never complain this season. Nonetheless, it feels so cold and the wind makes it worse. Just feeling a little 'blegh' lately. This time of year I feel like I've nothing to look forward to. No exciting vacation coming up and Easter is too far away to even think of chocolate Easter eggs.

So I came up with a few ways to celebrate the little moments of your everyday. Who says a celebration should be marked on your calendar? Just make them up!

  • By the end of a long working day, celebrate you're one day closer to the weekend by indulging into your favorite dessert.
  • Easter is just too far away but why not celebrate all those weird holidays like "open that bottle night""pancake day" or  what about "lips appreciation day"
  • A colleague reminded me that the start of spring is just six weeks away! Ha! Celebrate the countdown with a walk outside, an ice cream or fruity cocktail completed with an umbrella.
  • Eat the cake! It's always someone's birthday somewhere. ;-)
  • Celebrate Wednesday. I overheard a colleague say: "Hey man, it's the middle of the week, why not go out for a drink and celebrate?" He totally got it.
  • When you finally finished your essay/homework/chores, get up, put on your favorite song and dance! Super easy way to celebrate and to feel happy!
What is your idea of celebrating everyday moments?

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