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Monday, February 3, 2014

Career 101: The Elevator Pitch

You've probably heard of the term 'elevator pitch' before. A little presentation where you tell about yourself and in what you're good in. This in 60 seconds, as if you could pitch yourself to the big CEO of your company when you meet him or her in the elevator. Or when you're at a party or exhibition and someone asks you what you do.

What should be in an elevator pitch?

  • who are you?
  • what is your idea (goal/solution)?
  • why are you better than others (advantages)?
  • what do you want from your listener?

A way to build your pitch is to use the AIDA model"

Attention - the goal is to get the attention (awareness) of the listener
Interest -  try to bring positive aspects to subject
Desire - let the listener want your idea and sell yourself
Action - convince the listener that he needs you for that project/position/organization

The idea of the elevator pitch is that the person you're talking to (the listener) is going to contact you for some kind of meeting or a phone call. At the end of the elevator ride (or when you're running out of time), you can give him your business card or contact details.

Helpful tips:

  • start with an great opening so that the listener keeps listening and gets interested
  • tell one or two of your unique qualities by telling an example
  • do you have a website or LinkedIn? Tell about it
  • end with a question so the conversation doesn't stop abruptly

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