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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Article to Read: 7 Career Cues We Can Take From Olympians

Just a few more days to go, but I'm really enjoy watching the Olympics since the openings. I don't only watch speed skating when it airs on a weekend, but I also watch figure skating and hockey during my lunch break workout. I find it kind of calming that when I come home and have to do my homework, I have the Olympics on the background. Every two years I get excited for the Olympics and I cheer for my country like they can hear me from my couch. Especially for speed skating!

I found this great article by Levo League about career cues we can take from the Olympians we all deeply admire, which you can use in your own job field:

  1. Brand Yourself 
  2. Practice Makes Perfect 
  3. No One Likes a Sore Loser
  4. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
  5. Find a Coach
  6. Get Back Up When You Fall
  7. Don’t Settle for Silver, Go For Gold

I also try to keep up with how other countries are doing and watch sports the Netherlands doesn't compete in or sports I've never heard about. Have you ever heard of Biathlon? It's a sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Wow.

One topic that's brought up a lot is how the Dutch are doing in speed skating and short track skating. I came around this article from WSJ "In Sochi, the Dutch Are Dominating the Overall Olympic Medal Count". It went viral on the website and the comments were not so nice from Dutch nor American side. Then the author came up with this open letter: "Dear Dutch: Please Forgive Me". Thought is was so funny, and Matthew Futterman didn't even need to apologize in my opinion. ;-)

What are/where some of your favorite sports to watch?

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