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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5 Romantic Date Ideas for Cold Winter Days

Valentine's Day is this Friday! Need some last minute shopping ideas for yourself/bestie? Look no further and click here. What will you do on Valentine's day? Cook dinner? Go to the movies? Going out for dinner?
Here are some romantic date ideas that will warm you both up during this cold winter!

  1. Take a cooking class: This is one is on my bucket list to go on for a date. You can cook something spicy to heat things up, or make a sweet chocolate dessert. While learning new recipes, you're working together so getting closer and having fun.
  2. Ice skating: I think it's one of the romantic winter dates to do, especially at night. You can see the beautiful city lights and enjoy other skaters around you. Can't skate? How sweet of him to learn you and for him to pick you up after you fell! Also: you can warm up after with some hot chocolate. Romantic note: a colleague of mine asked his girlfriend to marry him in the middle of the ice skating rink on Rockefeller Center in NYC back in December. Awhh!!
  3. A walk in the woods: Is ice skating a little too daring for you? How about a nice walk in nature? Holding hands while breathing fresh air and walking through the woods (or park) with your date is romantic and great for talking and wandering.
  4. Take a dance class: This one will surely make you warm! You'll be inside (plus), can wear a lovely flowing dress (plus) and requires you and your date to work together on something new! Try for Salsa or one of the other classic couple dances.
  5. Go to the zoo: A few weeks ago my friend took her date to the zoo and they had a great time. I think this nice date idea whether you just start dating (there's always an animal to talk about) or to go with your long-term boyfriend. Is there anything more cute and laid back to look at lovely animals?
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