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Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter blues; How to Avoid It

The other day my brother and I were talking about that he didn't felt like himself lately and that he didn't feel like doing much after work. I told him he might suffer from the 'Winter blues'. Of course I said this with a smile, I'm not his doctor! But this kind of blues is easy to catch. Especially when you live alone. It's really cold outside (not to mention Polar Vortex), the days are short and it gets dark soon, the holidays are over and spring is nowhere to be seen for a long time yet.

Here are some tips to go through the winter and beating the winter blues:

  • Go out: I know it's easier to go home straight from work and stay inside  instead of some after work drinks. But you'll feel better after meeting up with friends instead of another night at home under your blanket.
  • Have plenty of sleep: and this should be an easy one! This so you'll be energized the next day to do more stuff that'll keep you busy. Without  enough sleep you easily catch the 'I don't want to do anything mode'.
  • Try out a new restaurant: trying out a new place sounds more exciting than your go to restaurants and gets you more excited to put on your coat and gloves.
  • Ask your friends to come over: is everyone too cold to go out and walk from bar to bar? Why not throw a little dinner or party at your own home?
  • Try to get some sunlight: it's dark when I'll leave for work and it's dark when I'll arrive at home. I think almost everyone deals with this during this time of the year. Go for a walk on your lunch break (even just for 15 minutes!), go to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and go for a run in the park on Sunday. Natural sunlight makes you happy!
  • Stay warm: and look great in your winter outfit! You can find some inspiration here.

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