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Monday, January 20, 2014

How To Reload From A Short Night

Whether you went out last night, studied half the night or suffer from loud neighbors (like me), we all have been there; short nights.
I'm not good dealing with short nights, I really need my 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Last Thursday to Friday night I nearly slept, I think I slept only 2-3 hours. That's insane! I woke up with bags under my eyes and I really never have those...
During the day I felt not like myself at all. I felt sick, had a headache during the day and my energy was nowhere to be found. It was really hard to do everything at work at my normal pace and still keep my upbeat personality and not turn into a grumpy girl who had lack of sleep. ;-)
 So... How reload from a short night:

  • Start the day fresh by taking a shower (obviously...), I feel so much more energized already when I had my morning shower.
  • I have said it before and I'll say it again: eat breakfast. It really will start your motor and provides instant energy. Think of fresh fruit, some healthy grains like granola or spelt bread and protein from yoghurt or an egg.
  • Take your coffee. Duh! But relax on this one. You don't want to get shaky, be extra tired tonight or worse: rely on caffeine.
  • Stay hydrated! Nothing can take energy from you faster or make you feel tired than not enough of H20.
  • Take some fresh air. Normally in my lunch break from work I'll go to the gym to get a quick work out. But last Friday I felt so miserable, I opted to go outside for a walk instead. The cold wind cleared my mind and helped to ease my headache.
  • Go to bed early a few nights in a row. One extra night to 'catch up on sleep' won't do the trick. This article debates if it's possible to catch up on sleep on the weekend if you had short nights during the week.
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  1. fully agree....and last thing...smile, because if you did not sleep maybe it was for a nice reason!!


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