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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Keeping That Summer Feeling A Little Longer

Can’t believe it’s September already! And while it’s still Summer, September marks the unofficial start of Fall.

Here some inspiration to keep that Summer feeling last a little longer:

- even though you may have an office job, go enjoy your lunches outside and take some of that sun!;
- instead of meeting friends at night, meet them straight from work so you can have the drinks outside! Planning those early evenings at least 3 times this week;
- show your tanned legs while you can and only wear skirts and dresses. Ohh the feeling of not having to wear hosiery. Heaven;
- eat as much seasonal fruit & veggies while they’re here! Melon, strawberries, cherries, check!;
- no TV weekends! I enjoyed them so much;
- buying colorful flowers so you bright up any room (even when it’s not that bright outside anymore);
- BBQ when you can! BBQ is really linked to Summer for me;
- eat ice cream! Also a Summer favorite and something I don’t eat during Winter;
- went on holiday to some exotic resort? Recreate your vacation to make foods you ate there and most importantly: recreate the cocktails!;
- back to work and think you never left the office? Put on your earplugs and listen to songs you danced to all summer long and zoom out while typing e-mails.

Want more longing for Summer pictures? Check out my "Spring/Summer" Pinterest page.



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