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Monday, June 3, 2013

Diet Change & Recipe: Vegan Grilled Salad With Artichokes

Since a few days I’ve eliminated dairy and eggs from my diet. Why? Because I feel my body does not respond well to dairy. I end up having stomach pains almost every day. At least, I guess it’s from dairy. That’s why I want to try this for four weeks to see if this works.
And why no eggs? Although the Paleo diet really worked for me (I’ve lost 6 kgs), I felt I ate too much animal protein and too many eggs. I ended up eating 1-2 eggs every day. So eating no eggs for a while will make me feel better. Maybe it’s just between my ears, but I don’t want a high cholesterol level.
I’m already missing cookies! That after dinner sugar-carb crave I have is beyond. Today after my salad I had some dried fruit. Yum, I tell ya, totally hit the spot (NOT).
Luckily I don’t have anything ‘bad’ in my apartment, but being healthy is really a motivation. This time around, it’s not about losing weight, but getting rid of my stomach pain. However, I won’t complain if I lose some pounds along the way. Bikini time is upon us! ;-)

Yesterday I got crafty and made up a vegan salad. Vegan, because I also want to eat less meat. For example: I won’t eat turkey on my sandwich anymore.

The ingredients:

Lettuce (I used baby leaves)
Romaine lettuce
Sun-dried tomatoes

First, I cut the romaine in half and put it in the grill. I actually got this idea from Pinterest to put these on the BBQ.

Then grill the artichokes on each side.
In a bowl, add the lettuce, the romaine, avocado (I chopped half an avocado), tomatoes and on top the artichokes.

I added vegan Italian dressing after I made the picture. The dressing has a mustard base, so no eggs!


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