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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What Made Me Happy This Week

Ok, I’m totally aware that it’s already Wednesday and that I haven’t written a post like this in ages. I feel like I’ve done so many things that made me happy, that I start to forget them. How sad does that sound? I should make a post like this every week. Basta.
So here it goes, this is what made me happy the last few weeks:

- sunbathing. For real. And maybe even getting a little tan…;
- spending a quiet Saturday night on the couch. Whether it’s with my BFF or with The Guy;
- after work drinks with friends (is there a better way to end the working day?);
- during the week days off! (like Queensday and last Thursday);
- wearing pink nail polish (didn’t wear any other than red colors for the past two years);
- good company, wine & new traveling books;
- hourlong outdoor exercises;
- secretly (or maybe not so) making vacation plans…;
- getting a kiss like that, when there’s nothing much more to say.


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