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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Surprised At Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! How is your day so far?

My day started great. I surprised my lover with a special Valentine’s Day outfit. This was a great upportunity to wear my red Ted Baker skirt. Paired with DKNY pumps and red lips and I was off to work. Before we left our separate ways, my lover asked me to be his Valentine. So cute!

It felt like any other day at the office, except that someone made a special cake (I didn’t had any) and that some colleagues noticed my Valentine-themed outfit.
After work on my way home I called my lover to talk about our days. This little ritual means so much to me. When I came home, I found a red envelope in my mailbox.

With this card in it!

The inside said: Willemijn, do you want to be my Valentine?
(For those who can’t pronounce my name, it rhymes.)

I was totally surprised and this made my day!!


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